While we have no way of knowing if this is an idle warning (at least in July) we still think that Chris Paul threatening to sit when the season begins will put the screws to both the Clippers franchise and the NBA. The problem with that however is that Donald Sterling doesn't seem to care about anything besides retaining that position even saying he'll fight "as long as he lives." Plus, you can only expedite legal procedures so much. The sale was originally intended to close by July 15th which is in...oh, over a week ago. At that point it was given an extension to August 15th and if it's not completed a month later (i.e. September 15th) then the association is willing to proceed with "termination proceedings." We're not 100% sure what that would entail but it sounds like it might take a while.

So what does it mean for Clippers fans?

Long answer: In addition to the point guard saying that he'd potentially opt to sit, he also said that it's something "me and Doc [Rivers] are both talking about." Rivers himself has said that he probably wouldn't want to coach with Sterling still in charge. If that weren't bad enough, Paul also stated that he planned to talk about the self-boycott with both DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin.

Short answer: The team will be shitty.

[via ESPN]