We've heard about pitches to free agent Carmelo Anthony from both the Bulls and Rockets. One team had their star show off his health whilst the other appeared to forget Jeremy Lin was still on their roster. Both sounded like intriguing hypotheticals for the NBA hot stove.

But here's a development that should give the Big Apple hope that they're the front runner in the Carmelo sweepstakes. Carmelo reportedly reached out for Pau Gasol's phone number in an apparent effort to entice the veteran big man to swap coasts from LA to NY. Looking even further into this development, both Knicks president Phil Jackson and new head coach Derek Fisher also have LA ties that could make Pau more comfortable to make the jump.

This coming after it was reported that movie producer Joel Silver made a short movie about 'Melo and educated him on the industry as part of the Lakers pitch this afternoon.

Hey, if Carmelo staying in NY saves us from Lala's film career (potentially) taking off, then we're all for it.

[via Yahoo/Twitter]