In 1996, former NFL owner Art Modell moved Cleveland's beloved Browns from C-Town to Baltimore. By 1999, Cleveland was once again home to an NFL franchise, but—18 years later—there are still some unhealed wounds in The Dawg Pound. As evidence, we present this video—originally posted by Deadspin—of an enraged football fan peeing on Modell's grave. The fan visits the grave site in an Ed Reed jersey and, while emptying his catheter, tears away his Ravens kit to reveal his allegiance to Lyle Alzado. While the scene is bizarre enough in its own right, the fan's strange justification makes this video the most insane thing you'll see all day.

"As far as pissing on your grave, I had no choice," he says, "Anybody who says it's been about 15 years... you know what? Fuck you. You let it go."

Well, that makes sense. For more on this story, check out the video above.

[via Deadspin]