Ah, NFL training camp. The time of the year when every team in the league starts off at 0-0 and their players (and fans) are wildly optimistic about their franchise's prospect of hoisting that Lombardi Trophy in February. And hey, if fans of the Jacksonville Jaguars say that this year is their year, who are we to hold it against them, right? Also, if Brandon Marshall believes that Jay Cutler will be named this year's league MVP, who are we to...wait a second

While speaking with the NFL Network's Michael Irvin, Marshall made that bold prediction regarding Cutler and then followed up his claim, saying: 

"He's the first one in the building, last one to leave now, his leadership is through the roof," Marshall said on Wednesday's edition of Inside Training Camp Live. "He's correcting the coaches. This is his offense. This is his organization, he's running it, and I love it."

Hey Brandon, all that sounds good and positive for the upcoming season, but will that translate to being named the 2014 NFL MVP? Um...


[via NFL]