Like Red Bull? Then you need to get yourself down to Rockledge, Fla., like, now. Because last night, two tractor trailers accidentally collided on Interstate 95 in the central Florida town. And as a result of the accident, more than 30,000 pounds of Red Bull is all over I-95.

The accident took place late Monday night when a truck driver who was barreling down I-95 tried to swerve to avoid a disabled truck that was sitting on the shoulder. He reportedly didn't move over enough, though, and sideswiped the disabled truck. And when he did, he ripped open the trailer on his truck, which was loaded with tons and tons of Red Bull. It sent the energy drink pouring out and created a gigantic mess.

The photo above will give you a sense of what the scene looked like a short time after the accident. The driver of the truck who caused the crash was ticketed for failure to maintain a single lane. But he made a whole bunch of Red Bull fans happy when he sent their favorite product spilling out into the street.

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[via Boston Herald]