Supercars tend to come from countries that end it –taly, -apan, -ritain, and –ermany. You’ll have noticed that South Korea doesn’t exactly fit that mold, but that’s no worry – you’ll get your shot at a Korean supercar soon enough.

South Korea’s Oullim Motors is planning to build the Spirra EV, an all-electric supercar with its sights set on the big boys. The concept is enticing, but we have our reservations on execution.

The bodywork comes courtesy of Proto Motors' Spirra, which has been in production since 2007, and utilizes a Hyundai 2.7L V6 capable of more than 500-horsepower. Not a bad starting point then, except Oullim plans to throw all those bits away and substitute them with an all-wheel-drive Dutch electric drivetrain, which hasn’t been developed yet.

Pricing has also yet to be determined, but estimates peg it to be around the $270,000 range, which is quite a lot more than the standard $74,000 gas-powered Spirra. We hope it survives infancy, and that they figure how to build one for a quarter of the costs.

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[via Green Car Reports]