Last summer, Miley Cyrus got her hands on a brand-new 2014 Maserati Quattroporte. And we told you all about her $102,000 ride over here. But it sounds like she didn't get much of an opportunity to actually enjoy the car. Because it was reportedly stolen from her home in Hollywood last week less than a year after she purchased it.

According to CNN, two burglars climbed over a fence outside of Miley's home on Friday afternoon and broke into her house. They then stole a bunch of jewelry located inside of the home before breaking into Miley's garage and making off with the Maserati. Police officers reported to the scene of the crime a short time later. But by the time they arrived, both the burglars and Miley's luxury ride were long gone.

As of right now, police don't have any suspects. But if you see a Maserati cruising around Hollywood this week, it might just belong to Miley.

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[via CNN]