There’s something about Marvin Harrison and guns that just don’t mix.

The former Indianapolis Colt once again found himself in the news, as someone took several shots at Harrison last night as the ex-receiver was assisting a man in his underwear whose apartment had just been robbed.

According to a report, Harrison was driving his pickup through a Philadelphia neighborhood at 3:20 AM and was flagged down by a panicked man running out of his apartment building. He told Harrison he was being robbed, and asked if he could call 911 and hide in the bed of Harrison’s truck.

The burglars came outside and shot at Harrison’s truck, not hitting either man but putting a hole in one of Harrison’s tires.

Harrison has been tied to several troubling incidents with guns since his 2009 retirement, having been accused by multiple people of either shooting them or shooting in their direction. Charges have never been filed, but a cloud certainly has hung over him over the last five years.

This incident, even if it really was Harrison just being a good samaritan and happening to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, will do nothing to help change his reputation.

[via PFT]