In the latest twist to the seemingly never-ending saga, Shelly Sterling will be heading to court tomorrow in an attempt to resolve the slow trudge that is the sale of the Los Angeles Clippers.

After her estranged husband Donald Sterling announced last night that he was no longer supporting the sale of the team to Steve Ballmer, Shelly has decided to seek a court order to designate her husband “mentally incapacitated,” and thus unable to make business decisions. Donald’s lengthy and incoherent statement did not do anything to help his case, and depending on the strength and recency of the doctors’ review of Sterling’s health, tomorrow could finally be the day where Donald is officially squeezed out of the Clippers’ ownership trust.

Donald Sterling’s lawyer has said that they will respond to whatever motion Shelly files on Wednesday, so this story is far from over. Sigh.

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[via ESPN]