With apologies to John Daly, We all know that Rickie Fowler is the most outrageous dresser in the PGA today, and maybe even in golf history. Today, he once again received a lot of attention for his attire, but this time for an entirely different reason.

Fowler wore knickers and argyle socks as a tribute to the late Payne Stewart, the beloved golfer who won the US Open at Pinehurst 15 years ago but tragically died in a plane crash just four months later. That tournament in 1999 is regarded as one of the great US Opens in the event’s 113 year history, and Stewart’s iconic duel with a young Phil Mickelson is still one of the great final battles in golf’s modern era:

Pinehurst has become the course most closely linked with Stewart, so it was a very appropriate occasion for Fowler to pay tribute to him. Here are some pictures of Fowler in action today, and tomorrow we’ll get to see if this will be a tournament-long fashion statement:

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[via SB Nation]