For some women who are in their eighth month of a pregnancy, simply getting from Point A to Point B can be a challenge. But that is most definitely not the case for pregnant Olympic runner Alysia Montano. Throughout her entire pregnancy, the five-time U.S. outdoor champion has been running to stay in shape. But on Thursday afternoon, she took her running to another level when she participated in an 800-meter race at the U.S. Championships in Sacramento, Calif. while eight months pregnant.

Not surprisingly, Montano did not win the race. In fact, she didn't even come close to winning it. She finished the race in two minutes and 32.13 seconds, which was nearly 25 seconds slower than the runner who finished ahead of her. But she didn't sound all that upset about finishing in dead last during her post-race interviews. She seemed satisfied with the result.

"I've been running through my entire pregnancy, and I felt really, really good during the whole process," she said. "I definitely was like, OK, I think I can run a pretty decent time. I didn't have a time on it [that I wanted to run]. I just knew I didn't want to get lapped…More than anything, I wanted to be here, and I'm feeling that fire and that desire to be on the track and to race."

Talk about determination!

Of course, Montano wasn't without her critics. But she defended her decision to compete while pregnant. Watch her talk about it in the clip below:

If you want to watch Montano's race footage from yesterday, go here. Is this woman incredible or what?

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[via Olympic Talk]