The NBA Draft is often referred to as a momentous event that can shift the fortunes of an entire franchise. And, undoubtedly, that is true, just not always in the way you’d think. On draft night, teams will make huge decisions on trades that have a ripple effect across the entire league, altering the landscape of the entire NBA for years to come.

Simple decisions like swapping Ray Allen for Jeff Green or Kobe Bryant for Vlade Divac can alter the history of the league and affect things like other trades, team dynasties, and even the existence of other franchises. As the rumor mill surrounding tonight’s draft continues to churn out potential trades, it’s tempting to think ahead about how every transaction can impact both your favorite team and the NBA as a whole.

If history is any indication, something big will probably go down tonight. Before we start thinking about those moves and their potential effects, let’s take a look at 20 Important Draft Pick Trades That Changed the Futures of NBA Franchises.

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