The McLaren P1 is nothing short of astounding. It's faster than any road car has any right to be, and a good number of race cars too, it seems to use all of mankind's technology, and it sounds more like a high-performance spaceship than a car. If we were producing something like that, we'd be both very proud, and very happy to have a lead like that to work on.

The MP4-12C already got the P1 treatment, which resulted in the 650S, and now the engineers at Woking are working on the cheaper car, codenamed P13 that will cost around $150,000. This will be the first steam on McLaren exec Mike Flewitt's 10 year vision. 

In a decade's time, McLaren will be making as many as 6,000 cars per year and “all models will be hybrids, even if some use a basic form of hybridisation. We will offer two or three mainstream cars plus some specialty models – something like the P1 or perhaps even a full electric car.”

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[via Autocar