Taking a page from the Mercedes-AMG playbook, Jaguar Land Rover will begin catering upgraded luxury rides to select customers underneath the firm’s new “Special Operations” division. 

So if you’ve ever wanted a rotary-engined F-Type Coupe painted in Pistachio Green, well, now is the time.

The new shop will slide into the company’s technical center in the English West Midlands, and focus on “delivering halo vehicles, bespoke commissions, heritage products and branded goods." That sounds a lot like AMG, and there’s a reason behind it. Mercedes-AMG has yielded an impressive profit in its upscale markets, and Jaguar doesn’t want to be left out in the cold.

Given that Jag will open up to further customer commissions, we should see some incredible one-off cars rolling out of that shop.

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[via Motoring]