It’s been quite a while since American F1 teams have graced the paddock, but it appears that trend will change in 2016. Gene Haas, of NASCAR fame, initially stated his intentions to field a team for next season, but thanks to complications in setting up his new facilities – Haas F1 will wait until 2016 to hit the circuits.

Haas remains committed to building his F1 base alongside his NASCAR facilities in Kannapolis, North Carolina, however a European base is currently being sourced for racing development in-between the slew of grand prix races in that region. It’s a big first-step for the team, and one that has already gotten the rumormill churning.

Many speculate that Haas could pull one of his current NASCAR drivers to compete in F1, despite his admissions to the contrary. Danica Patrick would likely be the top candidate given her experience and 2008 win in the IndyCar series.

Gunther Steiner, now confirmed to be Hass’ F1 team boss, has said that these decisions haven’t been made yet, but “you know, everything is possible.”

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[via Autoweek]