The C7 Corvette is still shiny and new. We haven't even gotten to play with the Z06 yet, but GM is already starting work on the C8. Clearly, they take this particular car very seriously.

In a story about the psychology of running GM, global product head honcho Mark Reuss mentioned to The Detroit Free Press that work was being done on the C8 and that they “would not rule out a hybrid or electric 'Vette.” We're assuming that an all electric 'Vette would be a variant at most, but we wouldn't be surprised to see a hybrid as a base model, given that Ferrari, Porsche, and McLaren have all dropped awesome hybrids at this point.

We're starting to think that the future of the sports car definitley involves electric motors filling in the gaps between the combustion engine's oomph. In the mean time, we'll just continue absolutely adoring the C7.

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[via The Detroit Free Press