There comes a time in every young man's life where he grows up and realizes that the athlete he idolized throughout his youth may not be as perfect as envisioned. Maybe it happened to you when you saw your role model strike out to end a game. Maybe it was when he refused to sign your jersey. Or, maybe just maybe, it was that time he bounced the head of a stripper off a night club stage in a case of "making it rain" gone bad. Whatever the turning point might've been, hopefully you reached an epiphany that life is about being your own man and not hero-worshipping others. It's all part of growing up, a rite of passage, just like going to those same seedy strip clubs and paying to see women take their clothes off. It is the natural order of life. 

Imagine a place where women will undress for money no matter how you look or how much of a douche you are. Imagine that you actually have the money to hold their interest. That combo would be pretty tempting. So don't consider us shocked when a case of athlete/exotic dancer shenanigans makes the headlines on occasion. We know it's hard to believe but sometimes some shady shit goes down in America's strip clubs. This is A History of Athlete Strip Club Fails.