The 2014 FIFA World Cup will kick off tomorrow with Brazil taking on Croatia at the Estadio do Maracana in Rio de Janeiro. And if you don't know who Neymar and Luka Modric are at this point, then there's probably no point in reading any group breakdown, or tactical analysis of how teams will approach their respective matches. However, this doesn't mean that all hope is lost in your quest to know what the hell is going on for the next month that's got everyone from your next door neighbor to foreign dignitaries glued to the television. Every four years 32 teams compete to be crowned the king of the soccer world, and there's no reason that you or any of your soccer-challenged friends need to spend another tournament on the outside looking in.

Maybe you just got into the sport, which was definitely a good year for that, or maybe you've always wanted to take an interest but were embarrassed at not knowing the difference between a hand ball and a throw in. It doesn't matter. That's all in the past. We're tired of you missing out on one of the greatest events on the planet, and this year we're doing something about it. Analyzing facts, scrutinizing key matchups, and looking for breakout performers are certainly important, but right now we're just going to hit you with what you need to know to enjoy the tournament. From a few big names you'll want to see to what not to wear to the bar, check out our Survival Guide For Watching the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Written by Adam Silvers (@silversurfer103)

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