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On Sunday afternoon, a Minnesota man named Bill Schulte was driving along a road in a town called Prior Lake when he saw someone accidentally run into a deer with their car and kill it on impact. So he pulled off to the side of the road in order to move the dead deer off the street. But as he approached the deer, he noticed that something was a little off. He realized that a baby deer was trapped inside of the deer's stomach and kicking its feet wildly. And Schulte immediately sprung into action.

Without giving it a second thought, Schulte pulled out a small knife, cut the dead deer's stomach open, and removed the fawn. Then, he dragged the dead deer to the side of the road and immediately took the fawn to a local wildlife rehabilitation center. And thanks to his quick thinking, the fawn is going to be just fine.

Watch the clip above to hear Schulte talk more about the accident and what he did in the aftermath of it. It's a pretty amazing story.

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[via Bring Me the News]