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Are you scared of bees? Then do yourself a favor and DO NOT GO ANYWHERE NEAR NEWARK, DELAWARE RIGHT NOW! We apologize for yelling at you. But once we explain what happened yesterday, you'll understand.

On Wednesday morning, a truck carrying about 20 million bees overturned on I-95 in Newark. And as you might imagine, it caused pure chaos as just about all of the bees were able to escape the truck and swarm all over the place. To make matters even worse, the bees were pissed about being involved in the tractor trailer accident and, well, let's just say that it wasn't a pretty scene. Local beekeepers were called in to try and round up as many bees as they could. But as we mentioned, there were 20 million of them. So there are still plenty of them flying around out there.

To see a full report about the accident—and, more importantly, to see the impact the bees have had on the city of Newark—watch the video above. This was such a mess.

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[via CBS Philadelphia]