What does every hot-blooded young lunatic/car enthusiast dream of? Buying the craziest car possible and daily driving it. Often times, this refers to something like an Ariel Atom, best known as the car that rearranged Jeremy Clarkson's face and gave him the joy that only an "epiglottis full of bees" can give.

[tk clarkson meme]

The Rezvani Beast is an Atom that has been rebodied by a California-based start-up and massaged to make the car slightly more useful on the road. You can even get a windshield if you don't want bee's in your epiglottis. It comes with either a 2.0L turbocharged engine good for 315 hp or a 2.4L supercharged good for a whopping 500 horses. In a 1,550 lb curb weight. 60 mph happens in either 2.9 or 2.7 seconds. 

A new Beast will run buyers $119,000 or $139,000, or Atom owners can bring their cars in and have them upgraded for $49,000 or $69,000.

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[via Rezvani