Porsche has had to be very careful to keep the Cayman from out-doing the 911. As it stands, the cheaper, mid-engined Cayman is dangerously close to 911 performance. Now that Porsche is looking to make a GT4 version of the Cayman, we might finally see this platform, that's honestly a better layout for performance, get its due.

Details are yet to slip about this car, but since GT models tend to get bespoke engines, we're thinking the Cayman's flat-six engine is going to spend some time with the engineers. We're hoping and expecting to see a really high redline, a lot of power, and the handling upgrades to handle it. Motor Trend seems to think this car could feature a 919-derived four-pot hybrid drivetrain, but we wouldn't hold our breath for that.

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[via Motor Trend

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