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Next weekend is Memorial Day Weekend. And you know what that means, right? IT'S TIME TO GRILL! After a cold, snowy winter, nothing—and we do mean nothing!—is going to taste as good as whatever you're going to have cooking on the grill over MDW.

Chances are, you're not going to be cooking on a grill as cool as the one in the photo above, though. Back in 2009, the Cheney Police Department in the state of Washington had an extra police cruiser with a bad transmission posted up in their parking lot. But rather than fixing it—or scrapping it—they decided to do something really cool with it. They turned it into a grill! It cost about $10,000 to create and it now includes a grill underneath the hood as well as a meat smoker.

The police cruiser-turned-grill—which has been dubbed the "Car-B-Que"—was recently sold to the Bend Police Department in Bend, Wash. for $7,000 and repainted to look like a Bend cop car. But it's still just as awesome as it was when it was first created. And this is one cop car that we definitely wouldn't mind seeing drive down our block this summer.

Now how do you like your burgers cooked?

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[via The Spokesman-Review]