If you haven't heard yet, there's a bit of a controversy brewing down in Alabama, and, judging by a former college star's recent statment, it's about to get a lot worse. Three days ago 'Bama running back Derrick Henry posted this photo: 

If you can't view that, it's an image of Henry with a new Dodge Challenger with the caption, "everybody meet my new baby ! #Fiona." Aside from people questioning the name of his new car, people began to question how Henry was able to buy the new ride. Immediate assumptions immediately pinned down that Alabama had indeed committed an NCAA violation and given him the muscle car. Two days later, a pretty significant name popped in the headlines for commenting on the situation. That name is former college star Pat White. 

The former West Virginia QB shared a message reading, "Stop pretending like you didn't know the crimson tide has been doing this for years. Still glad I turned down a Corvette to become a mountaineer" on his Facebook: 

Post by Pat White.

Now, not only does this post try to confirm that Henry's car was indeed purchased for the upcoming RB by Alabama, it also makes the case that this isn't the first time a school that has won the National Championship in college football two of the past three years has committed such a serious NCAA violation. Is it true? Who knows? Do these players deserve these cars, even if it's a recruiting violation? Well, that's up to debate. We'll let you know if any more details surface. 

Oh, and just for reference, this is a 2004 Chevy Corvette convertible: 

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[via Bleacher Report