Take away the money and there's not a lot that's enviable when it comes to Mark Sanchez. Not the arm accuracy, the fame (heckled for being a bad quarterback? No thanks), or career outlook. That said, he's killing it when it comes the optimism game.

He's a Philadelphia backup quarterback now. That's pretty much a truth with Nick Foles existing on the roster. Sanchez was a constantly hated on quarterback when he was with the Jets, yet he insists he's “just entering the prime of [his] career.” 

Maybe this whole shoulder thing and relocation has just been a blessing in disguise,” Sanchez said. “Maybe that year off was exactly what I needed. Got a little rest for my legs, for my arm, and I feel great...

I just kept thinking, ‘Eagles. This is the place to be.’ I really respected what they did last year...And I think they have a ton of talent, especially at the wideout position, tight end position. They’re just overflowing with guys that can play. So that’s exciting for a quarterback.

Well, Peyton Manning did make a stunning comeback after losing a season to neck surgeries. So yeah, man. Keep the hope alive.

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[via Pro Football Talk]