Today we bring you our tribute to the fan with too much cash, because apparently in a crappy economy people still have money to burn. This explains both early Playoff exits, as well as dropping four figures to lament your courtside seats. The floor view we envy is reserved for: celebrities, the really rich, and of course their entitled next of kin. In some instances you get a mix of all three. This cold reality means you're bound to spot an occasional yawner, or a brat more interested in his phone than a back-and-forth seesaw battle when you're watching the game at home...on TV...for free.

For the rest of us nobodies ground-level is but a pipe dream, a fantasy we can barely see through a pair of binoculars from the nosebleeds. Maybe one day we too can sit close enough to touch the floor the pros play on, see the sweat on CP3's neck, and hear the shit being talked directly from Kevin Garnett's mouth. You might not be there yet, but don't give up. With a combination of hard work and scratch-off lotto tickets, it's possible that you can have enough dough to sit courtside at a game and not even give a crap about what's going on. There's two extremes of fan behavior. One side of the spectrum is this. And the other is this slideshow. Here's A Gallery of Disinterested Fans Sitting Courtside.