We're big fans of the Deltawing. The idea of redistributing weight in order to make a lawn dart shaped car handle well was a stroke of genius, and we love the fact that the race car can achieve the performance of cars with twice as much power. It's cool.

Now Deltawing Technologies has sent us this rendering, as well as some speculative information about a potential four seat Deltawing road car. Deltawing claims that this design would use 35% less fuel, be 35% lighter, and require 35% less horsepower than a similar car. Performance targets are a six second 0-60 and a 130 mph top speed from a 85-110 hp four pot returning 70 mpg.

Rather than just releasing this car, Deltawing is hoping to pair with a major automaker and license the platform and technology for use on the road. Who do you want to see building this vehicle?

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[via Deltawing Technologies