Adrien Broner is no stranger to saying and doing some pretty ignorant things. But he outdid himself on Saturday night after he beat Carlos Molina. During an interview with Jim Gray, Broner referred to himself as the "Can Man" and then shocked the crowd with what he said next.

"I'm Afri-can," he yelled, "I just beat the fuck out of a Mexi-can."

And that statement obviously did not sit well with a lot of people on Twitter. Here is how the majority of them reacted:

Broner is sorry, though. Er, at least, a little bit sorry. Because he spoke with TMZ Sports a short time ago and revealed that he didn't mean to insult Mexican people or Molina with his post-fight statement.

"I love all Mexicans," he said. "Molina put up a hard fight."

Hmmm…That's not exactly the most heartfelt apology we've ever heard. But it sounds like that's all we're going to get out of A.B. And we can't really say that we're all that surprised.

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