Teams played for: Jazz, Grizzlies, Bulls, Knicks, Thunder, Rockets
Career years: 2006-2014
Career stats: 7.9 PPG, .490 FG%, .254 3P%, .539 TS%, 1.7 APG

In a nutshell, Ronnie Brewer is a three-and-D wing player who never got the "three" part of his game down. A career 25% shooter from behind the arc, Brewer's struggles from distance can be attributed to his fucked-up looking shooting motion, which stems from an arm issue he suffered in a childhood waterslide accident. Brewer's 6'11" wingspan has made him an excellent perimeter defender throughout his career, but injury problems and his total lack of shooting ability has seen him shuffle through three teams in two years (he's currently a free agent). The NBA's Reaper has one hand on Brewer at the moment.