Every year for at least the last decade, there have been fewer and fewer black players on Major League Baseball rosters at the start of the MLB season. It's something that has plagued the big leagues for years now—and something that looks like it's going to continue to plague MLB for years to come. And the problem seems to be that MLB can't figure out exactly what the problem is when it comes to getting black players involved with the game of baseball. There are a variety of reasons for the decline of the black baseball player—the reasons range from "baseball is more expensive to play than other sports" to "basketball is just better"—and MLB has struggled to reverse the trend.

Wale has a theory for why young black athletes are flocking to other sports like basketball and football, though. Yesterday, a debate about the issue took place on ESPN's Mike & Mike in the Morning radio show. And after it ended, Wale fired off these tweets to Mike & Mike host Mike Greenberg. In the tweets, Wale explains why he thinks black athletes have taken their talents to other sports:

Do you think Wale has a point? We definitely think he's onto something here and that his explanation is at least part of the overall problem. But what do you think? Why aren't there more black players in Major League Baseball?

If you've got a good answer, MLB is listening...

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