The Uber transit takeover continues with the announcement of UberRush, a new delivery service for New York City. The service, which you can now find on Uber's app, splits Manhattan into five zones: Upper West, Upper East, Midtown, Downtown, and Lower Manhattan. To deliver within one zone costs $15, and each zone crossed in transit tacks on an additional $15. If you want to deliver to or from Harlem, you're out of luck. The cut off is 110th. 

Uber promises that a messenger will arrive "in minutes." Once the messenger arrives you can track your item's progress and share it with the recipient. The app will even give you an ETA. You also don't have to worry about creeps and/or slackers because Uber uses background checks and ongoing quality controls. If you aren't a creep and/or a slacker, you can apply to become an UberRush bike messenger. 

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[via Uber]