The Subaru WRX's new engine is cool; the front fascia is cool (even if the rear of the car is boring as hell); and all of the new refinement is cool, but the fact that there's no hatchback option is seriously uncool. In fact, it's so uncool that we've devoted a lot of time to whining about the missing body-style.

Now, in light of the fact that car junkies won't shut the hell up about it, and that the previous hatchback accounted for half of all WRX sales in the USA, Subaru is looking at developing a new, plumper and more practical rear for the WRX. While this is certainly great news for people who want a practical car that kicks absurd amounts of ass, it might be bad news for automakers, because we now know that being annoying on Twitter actually changes things.

There's no word on whether the STI would stay sedan-only, or get the hatchback body too.

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