Kent Kroeker is a Baja racer, so he knows his way around a high performance truck. So much so, in fact, that Chrysler contracted him to help create the Ram Runner, which is, more or less, the Mopar response to the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor. Since the two are in direct competition, Mopar and Ford fans tend to argue about the two trucks online, as nauseum. 

In one recent argument, Kroeker stepped in to give his opinion, and to the surprise of everybody, his opinion was that the Ram Runner was a failure and a missed opportunity. "The Ram is a great platform, but Chrysler would rather spend their government money jargoneering than invest in off road racing and vehicle development like Ford has done." He claims to have asked them repeatedly to do it right, but that all he was getting in response was "couldn't we get away with a moderate shock and sticker package?" 

He says that Ford, on the other hand, "released the expensive, gas-guzzling Raptor in a faltering economy, and still hit it out of the park. This is Corporate Ballsack we hardly see any more in America."

Which truck would you prefer? We think it's time to see a proper Ram 1500 SRT-8.

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[via Race Dezert via Truck Yeah!