When the new WRX debuted we were very, very sad. No hatchback was shown, and we were told that no hatchback was even under consideration. Given that the WRX had been, in hatchback format, the perfect combination of attainability, practicality, and fantastic performance on just about any surface, we loved it. It was a car that could do absolutely everything well, from Ikea trips to rallycross.



That's why we were overjoyed about a month ago when Subaru project manager Masuo Takatsu said “We have received strong interest from the U.S., where the hatchback was 50 percent of sales, so we're now considering [a new hatchback].” Now Motor Trend is reporting that when Subaru USA heard of this, and contacted HQ in Japan, it received a strong "no."

Yup, Subaru is turning its back on the half of WRX buyers who want a hatchback. It looks like the Golf R might have some new friends.

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[via Motor Trend