If you follow Metta World Peace on Twitter, then you already know that his tweets are all over the place. One minute he'll be talking about why fights take place during NBA games and the next he'll be sharing his thoughts on global warming. You never know what you're going to get when it comes to him.

So when World Peace started talking about cars very early this morning, we weren't surprised. But we were surprised to hear how much Artest apparently loves his Toyota Prius. He started off his latest Twitter rant with this:

Then, he asked why people give him so much grief for driving a Prius:

Next, he dropped this tweet, which featured him talking about…well, we're not really sure what he was trying to say here:

But then, he finished things off with this just to make it crystal-clear where he stands on the Prius:

So there you have it. World Peace loves his Prius and thinks you will love your Prius, too, if and when you decide to buy one.

Hey, Toyota, do you guys have World Peace on the payroll? If not, cut him a check, please!

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[via @MettaWorldPeace]