To say the Indiana Pacers are struggling at the wrong time is to put it mildly. But they stood a feasible shot of taking Game Three in Atlanta which would've given them the 2-1 edge. That is until Jeff Teague hit the shot of the night (probably too early, but whatever) and took their hearts right out of it.

With three minutes left, and a six point lead, Teague put up a desperate three-point attempt with the shot clock near expiration. The result...nothing but net. As the crowd went berserk, Teague hustled back on 'D' but reacted with an MJ-esque shrug.

Anytime you can be in the same sentence with No. 23 (on the court anyway) you've had yourself a night. Teague finished with 22 points and 10 assists. 

Update: Turns out that shrug wasn't any sort of Jordan imitation, but rather Teague said after the game he thought he air-balled the attempt.

[via YouTube]