The Houston Rockets are not playing very well right now, and part of that is because James Harden is struggling at the moment. Badly. Through the first two games of Houston's playoff series against the Portland Trail Blazers, Harden has shot just 14-for-47 from the field and hasn't looked like himself. So after last night's Game 2 loss to the Blazers, several reporters asked Harden about his recent struggles. And he tried to answer their questions without getting too upset by throwing out answers like, "It's basketball," to their questions.

After the cameras stopped rolling, though, Harden was reportedly pretty frustrated with the way one reporter questioned him. So he took it upon himself to get into an argument with the reporter and to go back and forth with him about how he had played. At one point, things got so tense between the two that the Rockets PR people had to step in and escort Harden out of the locker room. But before they did, Harden reportedly called the reporter a "weirdo" and then left.

We don't blame Harden for being angry after the game. It was a tough loss. But he cannot lose his cool right now. And if he wants to take his anger out on somebody, how about doing it while he's out on the court? That's the only way the Rockets are going to get back into their series against Portland.

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[via Oregonian]