Hey, guys, does anyone know if UPS is still hiring? If so, the FedEx driver in the video above should probably fill out an application. Because we can't imagine that he's still employed after what happened last week.

On Thursday morning, the driver went to make a stop in an unknown location when he got out of his truck and forgot to put it into park. And because he was on a hill, the truck started to roll backwards the second he got out of it. He realized that he had made a big mistake almost immediately and tried desperately to chase after the truck and stop it. But he never had a chance, and the truck ended up rolling all the way down the hill and only stopped after the open driver's side door slammed into a tree. And to make matters even worse, the whole thing was captured on a home surveillance camera.

Watch the video above to see the accident take place. Damn, homie.

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[via MyFox8]