It's suspicious that Drake is around all the successful teams. He's cool with Johnny Manziel, who was practically the man when he left Texas A&M. Then he's cool with the Raptors, who are en route to the playoffs for the first time since 2008. Or rather, the Raptors are making the playoffs because he's cool with them. Then there was Drake chilling with the Seahawks before they won the Super Bowl.

The latest possible bandwagoning occurrence? Drake making a bee-line to the Kentucky locker room to congratulate them (perhaps initiate Aaron Harrison as part of OVO).

As he left, someone asked what a lot of inquisitive college basketball fans were wondering: "How long have you been a Kentucky fan?"

"Always," he replied.

Well, his Kentucky allegiance isn't a couple of days old:

  • Drake was made an honorary coach at one Kentucky alumni game.
  • In 2012, Drake said his association with the program inspired him to get his degree.
  • Also in 2012, he received one of the school's National Championship rings. It was a personalized one, too. He also spoke with then top recruit Julius Randle, who was apparently so hyped that he wrote a blog entry about it.
  • The man even narrated the team's documentary. 

Apparently, Drake just happens to have the magic touch when it comes to his teams.

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[via Bleacher Report]