Whether you’re from New England or Southern California, Chevrolet has the Corvette Stingray for you. The company is rolling out the Corvette Atlantic convertible and Corvette Pacific coupe along with the rest of the 2015’s later this year.

Don’t get too excited though, both models are mechanically identical and come as options with the Stingray Z51 performance package. Chevy pens the Atlantic Convertible as a throwback to the old-style grand tourers. It adds the front splitter from a Z06, Shark Gray painted highlights, chrome wheels, and – taking a page out of the BMW i8 – custom luggage.

The Pacific Coupe is noticeably a bit more hardcore. The Stingray sits on black Z51 wheels, color choices are reigned back to only four swatches, carbon fiber ground effects have been affixed, and the interior has been retouched with carbon fiber accents.

Both are available with either the eight-speed automatic or seven-speed manual transmission. 

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[via Chevrolet]