Park the Prius and save the pious bumper stickers—tomorrow is Earth Day, and what better way to celebrate than by using as much gasoline as humanly possible? BURN THE DINOSAURS! Oops, sorry, got a bit carried away there. But look, just because a car sucks down fossil fuels faster than Terrio can finish a milkshake doesn't make it any less desirable. In fact, sometimes it makes it that much moreso: Who doesn't love a little conspicuous consumption?

In order to stick to real numbers (or as close as possible) we avoided the land yachts and muscle cars of the '60s and '70s, choosing instead to focus on late-model rides. From boxy 4x4s to sleek sports cars, all kinds of vehicles are represented, as long as they can drain the tank in the same amount of time it took to read these two paragraphs. Here are 10 Cars With Terrible Gas Mileage That We Want Anyway.

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