While rival Mercedes-Benz is busy building a copy cat of BMW's popular X6 model, BMW is focusing on how to continue to take the ultimate luxury sedan to the next level. Premiering at the Beijing Motor Show, the Vision Future Luxury concept is, well, the name kind of says it all. It's the road that BMW sees high-end sedans traveling upon in the upcoming years. You know, because the company has already taken the future and put it on the road for supercars (with the i8) and city cars (with the i3), both of which are totally awesome. 

BMW highlights the integration of technologically advanced interfaces throughout the car, in addition to lightweight design engineering and new lighting techniques. It has OLED taillights, laser headlights, 3D and heads-up displays, and a "rear-seat command touch tablet." The more i8 styling penetrates BMW's cars, the better. 

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