Date: 6/12/2011
Round: Finals
Series record: Mavericks 4-Heat 2

For LeBron haters, this was the zenith of your existence. 11 months after The Decision, the most hyped Big Three in basketball history went down in flames to a Mavericks team whose championship window had seemingly been shut. To anyone who doubts if this was a major upset or not, look to Vegas: the Heat were a consensus -180, or a 3.5 point favorite per game for the series. They weren't overwhelming favorites, but Vegas had them winning by a decent margin. LeBron, Wade, and Bosh were supposed to take care of business.

Instead, they ran into a Mavericks team built on three things: Dirk Nowitzki's jump shot theatrics, efficient three-point shooting, and Tyson Chandler's defense. Dirk averaged 26.0 PPG for the series as the guards around him got white hot from three. Jason Terry averaged 18.0 PPG, including 27 in the decisive Game 6. Jason Kidd shot 43 percent from three-point range, and DeShaw Stevenson made 56 percent of his three-pointers. The Mavs shot 41 percent from three for the series, while the Heat shot a pedestrian 34 percent on six more three-point attempts.

The series was won in six games, keeping the Larry O'Brien trophy out of LeBron's hands for one more year.