Normally, automakers charge people lots of money to put all sorts of luxurious whatnot into their cars. Then, when a special edition comes out, they charge money to take all of that luxury back out of the car, in order to lighten it and make it faster. It's no doubt good business, but it's a little douchey, no?

Well Aston Martin is bucking that trend by introducing the US-bound V8 Vantage GT. It features the same 430 hp V8 as the N430, and is so similar to that last special edition that the company even sent out one of the same photos. In addition to the engine, it's been given updated steering and suspension, as well as a gorgeous interior and, best of all, a stick. The price is about $20,000 lower than the next cheapest Aston Martin at $99,900.

That's almost cheap enough to pretend you might be able to afford it some day.

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[via Aston Martin