Is it weird that two completely separate car companies came up with essentially the same April Fools joke? In celebration of the annual day of pranksters, Opel and Mini have rolled out two special edition hatchbacks to attract some laughs, except both concepts are remarkably similar.

Opel has teased what it calls the Astra Copacabana, which celebrates the FIFA World Cup that will take place in Brazil this year. Mini apparently also thought this was very funny, because it revealed the Mini Paceman GoalCooper, which also celebrates the World Cup, albeit with a much more Brazilian livery.

The GoalCooper comes fitted with Astroturf carpets, a goal net luggage restraint, and a miniature soccer table. The Astra goes a bit further, including seats upholstered with real grass from Rio de Janeiro’s Maracana Stadium, a drink dispenser, vuvuzela horn, and sand from the Copacabana beach.

It’s certainly an odd occurrence, but thankfully some car companies still have a sense of humor.

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[via and via Left Lane News]