Yesterday afternoon, 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith got arrested at Los Angeles International Airport after he allegedly made a bomb threat. He was booked on one count of "false report of a bomb threat" and released from jail a short time later after he posted $20,000 bail. And when he was released, he was not in the mood to talk.

Somehow, he managed to avoid having a ton of paparazzi show up outside of the jail. But one lone TMZ cameraman did track Smith down—and Smith didn't look very happy about it. In the clip above, you can see Smith and his lawyer leaving the jail, and you can hear the TMZ cameraman peppering Smith with questions. His lawyer then tells the cameraman that they don't have any comment at this time.

Something tells us that Smith isn't going to be able to simply say, "No comment," to the 49ers, though. They're going to want answers in the coming days, and he better be ready to provide them.

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[via TMZ Sports]