Aldon Smith is the latest 49er to give the organization a headache because of legal issues. He got arrested for apparently yelling "bomb" at the LAX.

Smith was randomly selected for a secondary screening when he was at the security gate. He apparently didn't take too kindly to that and became belligerent, according to TMZ Sports. It was there when he said he had a bomb, leading to his arrest. Smith could be in serious trouble, too.

This is the latest problem for the embattled linebacker. He was arrested for a DUI in 2012 and charged with three counts of illegal possession in 2013 after a legal incident where he got stabbed. Smith's latest incident comes after he missed part of last season completing rehab.

Between this and the Colin Kaepernick dilemma, it's hard to envy being in the 49ers public relations' shoes.

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[via TMZ]