When you jump onto the Kia website, you're greeted with a cluster of Kia's vehicles: K900, Soul, Cadenza, Sorento, Optima. They're the highlights of Kia's line, and they're also all recently rebuilt, refreshed, and restyled. And restyled well. Pretty much all of the Kias have gone under the knife, except the company's Minivan, the Sedona. Until now, that is. Kia dropped the new design off for school today, and it looks pretty solid (for a minivan). Designer Peter Schreyer has finally completed the full remodel. 

It's an enormous update to the previous model, which had been in production since 2006 (!) and now actually looks like it deserves to fit in with the rest of the line. From the side, the car uses the popular design of the tapered rear window with a sloping roof line and a floating roof look with the blacked-out pillars. The rear has a more aggressive-looking "skid plate" at the bottom, because going rock-crawling is obviously an everyday exercise in the schedule of a soccer mom, and it has the usual tiger nose grille up front. 

In an excerpt from the press release that you'd expect to hear when talking about a sports car, Kia was also sure to point out the fact that the body uses a new chassis with "satic torsional stiffness that is 36 percent greater than its closest segment competitor." You know, for those dads who love to go fast but are forced to drive minivans because they can't keep it in their pants and keep poppin' out little ones. Speaking of little ones, the captain chairs look pretty boss with their little recliners, and there are USB charging ports and an AC outlet for keeping the smartphones they're glued to charged. The lower glove box is cooled, too, so you can keep Squeezits and Go-Gurts on deck. This should be a hot seller when it hits salesrooms. 

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