Game: Bullets @ SuperSonics, Game 7 NBA Finals
Date: 6/7/1978
Key stats: 0-14 FG
Lowlights (if available): N/A

Game 7s are the ultimate do-or-die in sports. For the six games prior, the two teams have been duking it out back and forth, trying to figure out who the best team is. Now, with just one game left, they'll finally get an answer, and now, more than ever, it's time to show up and play. Unfortunately, future Hall of Famer Dennis Johnson, then playing in the 1978 NBA Finals against the Washington Bullets, wasn't able to step up for the Seattle SuperSonics in their deciding game.

Instead, Johnson went 0-14 on his FG attempts, putting a nasty black eye on an otherwise solid Finals performance. It has to hurt when you basically hand over the title to another team like that, but Johnson wouldn't forget the sting of defeat, as he and the SuperSonics returned to the Finals in 1979, again facing the Bullets, and won out in five games.

And who was the Finals MVP in '79? Johnson, of course, who averaged 23 PPG with seven assists. His first go-around in the Finals may have ended with a fiasco, but you have to give DJ credit for coming back and setting the record straight.