The Trout family of Hempfield Township, Pa. needs quite a few things right now. On Thursday afternoon, a gigantic truck accidentally crashed into their home and ruined everything. So they need a place to stay, a new kitchen, and a bunch of remodeling done to their home in the coming months. But there's one thing that they do not need at the moment—milk.

The truck, which slammed into the side of the family's home while they were eating dinner, was carrying approximately 6,000 gallons of milk when it hit the house and overturned. And that sent milk pouring out everywhere. It's a little bit hard to see in the photo above. But the milk may have actually done even more damage to the home than the truck did.

"Everything's soggy," Dan Stevens of Westmoreland County Emergency Management told CBS Pittsburgh a short time after the accident took place. "Every step you take is just milk. Everything's just soaked into it, the carpet. I don't know that they'll ever live in this house again if you ask me."

YUCK. The milk is more than just a nuisance, too. It could potentially seep into the local waterways near the home and kill a bunch of fish. So the Department of Environmental Protection is scoping out the scene right now to see what they can do to safely rid the home of milk. What a mess.

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[via CBS Pittsburgh]